Our Values

Noisy Snacks create innovated products that offer a fun experience while elevating the drinking experience.

Our Mission

Team Noisy are on a mission to lead the snacking marketing creative and adventures. Noise is and will be the key ingredient to mixing and creating fun.


Progression to employment – Team Noisy Packing Services provided the necessary support systems to enable people with a learning disability to achieve and maintain meaningful employment. #TeamNoisy

Eureka Moment...

Our founder, Noisy Noel, decided it was time to move on from a long successful serving role at an energy drink brand.


He got two interviews for a new role, one with a peanut brand manufacturer, and the other with a craft beer brand.

For research he purchased the range of peanuts and the range of craft beers to taste before the interview.

Working with a close friend who was trained in mixology and food pairing, he set out to create a range pairings

Eating the nuts with the beer he realised that they give it a funny taste.

Craft Beer Pairing Nuts

Why Are We Noisy?

As a start-up no one was interested in working with us, and the required quantities were HUGE!

We had a choice give up or find away round it.

After creating samples and taste testing with friends, we added some seasoning into a tub with the nuts and shook it and as we told our friend our idea click Noisy Nuts was born.

Join Team Noisy & Make Some Noise...