Noisy Thai Sweet Chilli Details

Noisy Thai Sweet Chilli


Noisy Thai Sweet Chilli gives a beautiful sweet aroma helping to bring out a biscuit flavour and sweet taste of the pale ale. Most pale ales are a tiny shade darker, thanks to being kilned a little hotter.

Recommended pairings Pale Ales & Pilsner.

Noisy Bacon Jalapeno Details

Noisy Bacon Jalapeno


Noisy Bacon Jalapeno offers a smoked bacon flavour with the jalapeno coming through and building a little bit of heat in the mouth feel. It supports the rich, warming and fruity flavours in the beer.

Recommended pairings Porters & Stouts.

Noisy Meaty Beef Details

Noisy Meaty Beef


Noisy Meaty Beef is all about the dark beer. Stouts exhibit big roasted malt and bitter characteristics. Meaty Beef supports a number of aromas such as; big chocolate and coffee aromas and almost a burnt toast flavour in the beer.

Recommended pairings Stouts & Porters.

Noisy Chilli & Lime Details

Noisy Chilli & Lime


Noisy Chilli & Lime flavoured spice and citrus brings out all sorts of different aromas depending on what the IPA type is. It will help the juicy fruitiness flavours come out in the beer, but also imparted citric and earthy flavours as well as bitterness.

Recommended pairings IPA or Pale Ale.

Noisy Pickled Onion Details

Noisy Pickled Onion


Noisy Pickled Onion works perfectly with the clean, crisp drink that lets the hops and malts really shine through to develop the lemony crispness of the Lager beer.
Recommended pairings Lager, Pale Ales or Wheat beers.

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